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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost

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Unable to install High Sierra in MacBook Pro mid 2012 13"

Hi Folks!

Hope you are staying safe!

I use a Macbook pro mid 2012 13" which is running Sierra 10.12.6 currently. Some spec about my mac (A1278) before I proceed to the issue:


480 GB Crucial BX SSD (it is currently in Optical Bay, since my HDD flex cable is not working and the original HDD slot is empty).

i5 processor, 13" display (non retina)

So the issue is when I try to install Mac OS High Sierra or above (till Catalina), it takes 15-20 mins and then I see an error as 'An error occurred while trying to verify firmware' and not allowing me to pass the OS installation.

I tried directly installing from App store, tried via Bootable USB but for all the cases I get the same error. When I see that many people dont have troubles installing the latest OS (Catalina) in the Mid 2012 Version (Non Retina model), why am I having troubles in installing. I read in other forums that this might be due to APFS formatting of the disk but I dont get that option while formatting via Disk Utility as I use Sierra. Also, read as Mac will automatically update the firmware and format as APFS while moving to High Sierra.

Is it because I dont have a drive in my original HDD Bay is not allowing to update the firmware? Or could there be any other issues.

Block Image

I badly in need of an OS update as the Office products and other Softwares aren’t compatible with Sierra and it is sometimes affecting my tasks.

Please help me guiding a solution for this.

Can someone help me on this?

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Gee! We went thru this back in this question Second HDD not getting detected in MacBook Pro Mid 2012

You need to use the HD bay for the boot drive. Until your fix your system you can’t get your system running with any stability! When you do OS upgrades the Installer is expecting the HD bay is where the boot drive is located as it is programed to use it when firmware updates take place (which is the case here).

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your support, I replaced my HDD Flex cable which connects to the main Disk bay. After installing the flex cable an connecting my original hdd which came with Mac, I installed Sierra first followed by Catalina. I was able to successfully install Catalina. And I again installed the Catalina in the SSD which is in Optical bay and surprisingly it got installed in SSD too. (Later formatted the HDD which is in main bay to use it as a secondary storage and leave SSD as a bootable drive.

Thanks for all your support.

One more question: I am planning to change the HDD and replace that too with SSD with 1 TB. Will my mac support 1 TB SSD (only for storage) on top of a 480 GB SSD in Optical bay?

Also which is the best bay to keep the booting SSD, is it Main Bay or Optical Bay?


@Avinash™ Kumar - is 1 TB enough?? Samsung makes a 8 TB drive ;-}

The SATA interface can support drives as large as 32 TB and your OS can support storage in 18 Exabyte !! So don't worry your Mac can handle it!

Don't forget to score and accept both answers - Thanks!


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