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Screen jumping, glitching after installation

Replaced iPhone 11 screen but the screen is jumping and glitches after screen replacement. Had similar issue with the cracked screen so I don’t know if there was a previous issue not related to the screen. Anyone have a similar problem? Thanks

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I can’t say I’ve had this problem before but it could be that the replacement display is also faulty. Did you unplug the battery prior to removing and reconnecting the display? I would leave it turned on for a couple of hours and see if the problem goes away, it could just be static.

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Yes, I unplugged the battery. I’ve had a similar issue and agree with you that it could be a faulty screen. I’ll reach out to the ifixit team for help since I purchased it from them


Yes either a faulty screen or just some static, try leaving the phone turned on for a while and see if the problems carries on. If the problem continues then it sounds like a faulty digitiser.


I’m having this issue rn but the screen works fine when not housed properly in its case jus freely sitting while connecting an everything works like a charm an as soon as I put it in properly it starts not workin to touch at all moving on its own an jus not what it’s supposed to do


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