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Repair guides and disassembly information for Google's Pixel 4 XL smartphone, released in October of 2019.

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Battery connector broke off and is stuck on the motherboard.

In the process of removing the battery from the Pixel 4XL, the connector on the battery broke and is stuck inside the mating end on the motherboard. This connector is TINY; I didn’t discover the issue until I tried to insert my replacement battery and it wouldn’t go in.

The connector tore from the flex strip, so it’s flush and tightly plugged into the mother board. The iFixit tweezers are too big, so I used a sowing needle to try and dig it out. The top of the connector (plastic / PCB material?) flakes off, but the metal fingers are still attached to the motherboard.

At this point, I’m not sure what can be done to salvage it. My first thought is to de-solder the connector on the motherboard, but I don’t have the skills nor equipment to do this properly, let alone the part number for the connector on the motherboard.

I’m hoping there’s a trick or technique that makes it easy to remove the metal piece that’s embedded in the connector right now. Any tips or tricks?

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Google did want the battery to stay in place. There’s a metal cover over that connector that keeps it attached, and you need to remove it before you can access the connector.

The problem is I was testing the battery so after 3 plug/unplug cycles, the connector on the battery side sheared off. I guess these connectors aren’t rated for so many insertions!

Thanks for the tip on taking it to a repair shop! That will be my backup course, but hoping I can still DIY fix this situation. I was thinking to solder a wire to it carefully and see if I can lift it out, but I suspect that may make things worse. It’s such a delicate area and I don’t have a proper rework setup at home. :(


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You’re going to need to have someone skilled in micro soldering to repair that. You might have luck with iPad Rehab, STS Telecom, or Rossman Repair.

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I took it to a shop and they soldered a new connector. Fixing this phone is an adventure:

1) The midframe is cracked. Repair store suggests I replace it, and ordered one.

2) I removed the mobo and larger components, but quickly got overwhelmed.

3) There's a lot of sticky conductors (button wiring) that are hard to transfer cleanly.

4) I removed the (cracked) screen and the mid frame seemed to be ok-ish so I decided to keep it.

5) Replaced the screen, re-installed all the components.

6) Power plug didn't work and shorted out my power cable when I plugged it in. Not good.

7) Discovered I accidentally trapped the power connector under the mobo.

8) Had to fix that, then re-install battery. In the process, one of the antenna connectors is loose and won't connect properly. oh well.

9) Repair shop lost my (broken) back case, so I had to order another one.

10) Waiting for my new back case to arrive, and hopefully phone will be fixed. In the meantime, I'm calibrating the battery.

Thanks for the help!


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Ohhhhh. I am not the only pixel 4 xl unlucky owner.

1- encountered phone turning off if I twisted it a little bit. Take it to repair shop and I ordered battery and battery connector.

Received them and installed successfully .

It works perfectly.

2 -after 1 or 2 weeks rear camera stopped working.

Ordered new camera and take it to repair shop and successfully installed it.

3- after less than a month battery is dead stuck at fake 50% and phone is not charging and last 10 seconds if I unplugged the charger.

I hate google phones so much .i live outside US so rma is not possible.

I had pixel 2 xl , after 6 month touch screen stopped working. Ordered full lcd and touch screen but was not a success.

So I bought this crappy pixel 4 xl.

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Its great to know I am not alone; this post and all comments are great.

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I can’t belive it!

I’ve been waiting for more than one month until my battery replacement arrived, along with an IFIXIT pro repair kit, just to realize this connector problem almost impossible to take it out from the motherboard !

I know that if I would live in the US I could have it repaired by ubreakifix or something like that with the warranty coverage of Google, unfortunately I live in Argentina and we don’t have official support from google here.

What should I look for exactly ? to see if there is some store here that could take out that connector in order to put in place the new one

Thanks in advance!

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You’re going to want to take it to someone like google or a reputable repair shop to get them to remove the connector and get the metal fingers out. Sounds like google wanted the battery to stay in place

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just because someone is a "reputable" service provider for certain products by no means justifies they're experienced in fixing their products. I can guarantee if they did that, they would be informed that it's "not repairable" and that the only way to "fix" it would be to replace it. All authorized service providers do is follow the same, if not even more strict guidelines their own stores have. Just because they're the manufacturer does by no means guarantee they know what's best for the product. It does guarantee they know what's best for their bottom line.


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