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The sixth iteration of OnePlus's flagship smartphone and successor to the OnePlus 5T. Released May 2018.

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The screen is dead, how do I remove data from the phone?

I droped my phone. Initially, it was just the glass that broke, but over the course of the night the pixels died until the whole screen was dead. Funny enough, the rest of the phone still works well. Even the touch screen still works (I was able to turn the flashlight off and on by remembering the position on the settings). I have bought a new phone so how do I go about moving the data from the broken phone to my new phone?

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Unless you backed it up prior to breaking the screen, you’ll need to get the screen replaced as you’ll need it to enable USB debugging mode.

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You need a tool that can extract data with USB debugging disabled. Search “broken android data recovery” on Google, you will find many such tools. Hope that helps.

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