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Repair Guides for NEC Desktops.

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Why is my laptop wont open?

So, my NEC versapro won’t open and i dont know what to do. It also have a black screen i really dont know what to do. Plss help

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Hi Fran,

Please give us some information so we can help you.

What is exact model - which NEC VersaPro - look on underside label.

Did any LED's blink, fans spin, beep sounds, etc., etc.

Was the charger/power supply plugged in?


@aactech It's NEC VersaPro VY16M/FD-4. When it open (by miracle) it keeps blinking or it stay black and there's no beeping sound in it


@Fran Fran

What keeps blinking?

Look below:

* Power LED

Blue On = Computer power on

Flashing = Sleeping

Orange On = Low battery

Flashing = Low battery during sleep

Quickly Flashing = Extremely low battery

Off = Computer power off or hibernating

* Battery Recharge LED

Orange or Amber On = Battery recharging

Flashing = Battery error

Off = The battery or AC adapter is unplugged or Battery is fully charged

*Drive Activity LED

Green = The hard drive or DVD drive is accessing data

Off = The drive is not currently accessing data

What do you see?

* Try with just battery in and no power adapter

* Try with no battery and just power adapter plugged in.

Any difference?


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Were the lights on? Any other symptom?

You need to check the power supply and monitor display. In addition, make sure there is no external hard drive connecting when booting.

For more tips, please visit this post:

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