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Released September 20, Apple's mainstream 2019 iPhone comes with a 6.1" LCD touchscreen, dual cameras, and six available colors. Successor to the iPhone XR.

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iPhone 11 turning off after screen replacement

I repaired an iPhone 11 it was a screen replacement and back glass replacement with the forward laser machine everything seemed to work fine but when the phone is on for a couple minutes the phone turns off and back on. After it randomly restarts it acts like normal until a couple minutes have passed it does it again. I’ve tried a different battery and even the original screen but it still does this. I’ve also disconnected the front speaker flex in case it was causing problems but it still does it. I put it into dfu mode and updated it successfully now its on a white screen that says attempting data recovery but it keeps turning off before it finishes any ideas on how to fix this power off problem.

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In this case, the charging flex or the microphone/flashlight flex next to the camera might be damaged.

These contain sensors (prs0 and mic2) that cause the phone to restart after some time if no valid signal is received.

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I had the same problem with a iPhone 11

tried everything

last resort is changing out the battery

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If the screen was replaced without disconnecting the battery it will short circuit your phone therefore once that is done even a new battery will not fix it it's happen to me twice once when I paid for it to be fixed and second time I did it was trying to move to fast

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