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A general purpose laptop released in 2010 with a 15.6" screen.

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I cannot connect to the wireless network, my laptop did not detect it.

Hi, my old laptop is Acer Aspire 4253 - E352G32Mnrr. Its a very old laptop. It cannot detect the wireless mobile hotspot connection from my phone and only showing dial-up connection. I don't understand this. Does that mean my laptop does not have a wifi card? But when I use my wireless mouse and plug the mouse’s USB adapter, I can use my mouse as normal. Why won't it detect my phone's hotspot? Do I need a wifi adapter or something to help connect to the hotspot and use Internet? Please help, I need for WFH. ?

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The reason that the wireless mouse is working is that it is using its own wireless adapter that you’re plugging into the USB port and it is not using the laptop’s WiFi adapter.

According to the specifications for the laptop, it does have WiFi capability.

Did you try pressing the Fn + F3 keys (both together) to check that the WiFi is turning on as indicated by the WiFi light? (see image)

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

If the light is not coming on or if it is but you still can’t detect any WiFi networks, go to Device Manager > Network adapters > WLAN adapter entry and check that the adapter hasn’t been disabled and also that the drivers have been installed correctly.

What OS (operating system) is installed in the laptop, Win7, Win8.1 or Win10?

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Wow, this is so helpful! ❤️ Sorry I forgot to mention this old laptop of mine is using Windows 7. I’ll try to follow your instructions first with my laptop and see how it goes.


Hi there Jay. I tried pressing Fn + F3 key to turn on the wifi but the light is still not turning on. Also, I went to Device Manager > Network Adapters but I don't have WLAN Adapter Entry in the list. I only have:

1. Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller

2. Bluetooth device (personal area network)

3. Bluetooth device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI)

I think the wifi card or wifi function is broken already maybe? Haven't used this laptop for so long since I've been working at office.


Hi @Nur Nadia Rabaiyah Munif

In Device Manager > View tab > click on Show hidden devices, and check if the WLAN adapter is listed there somewhere.

If not, then also in Device Manager is there a main category of "Other Devices" listed at all? If so check in there and if it is there what is the make and model number of the adapter so that the correct drivers can be found for it.

If there is no listing at all anywhere in Device Manager then as you say it may be a faulty or missing WLAN card.

Here's the relevant page from the service manual for an Acer 4253 which shows how to access the card so that it can be removed and replaced or in your case to check that it is there


Hi @jayeff Just as you guided, yes there were a lot of hidden devices that I can finally see. But unfortunately there's no WLAN adapter listed. But there's a lot of WAN Miniport listed tho. What is a WAN Miniport? ?

- Microsoft 6to4 Adapter

- Microsoft ISATAP adapter

- Microsoft ISATAP adapter #2

- Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

- WAN Miniport IKEv2

- WAN Miniport IP

- WAN Miniport IPv6

- WAN Miniport L2TP

- WAN Miniport Network Monitor

- WAN Miniport PPPOE

- WAN Miniport PPTP

- WAN Miniport SSTP

I looked and looked but there's no 'Other Devices' listed at all. I guess this laptop is missing WLAN card.

On another note, I googled for another alternative to get internet to this laptop and most popular findings I found, is by using a "wifi adapter" or "Wifi connector" that is widely sold in many e-commerce platforms. Some looks like a small USB plug and some has a small antenna attached to the USB. Would you think by using those adapters will help the laptop to get wifi connected with my mobile hotspot?


@Nur Nadia Rabaiyah Munif

A WAN miniport is a software driver that allows for an alternative connection through either your Ethernet or WLAN adapter, but they would have to be working first.

A USB WiFi adapter should allow you to connect to the phone's hotspot or any other WiFi network that is within range as long as you know the access password etc.

It is just less convenient as you have to plug it in and also be careful if you move around with the laptop that you don't accidentally bump it and damage the USB port etc.

Did you open the laptop to check if the card was there and if it was inserted correctly, you didn't say, or perhaps you didn't want to do this?


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