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Identified by WDT750SAHV, WDT750SAHW and WDT750SAHB.

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DW fills up (partially), but does not wash Whirlpool WDTA50SAHZ0

Hello everyone, my DW started with this issue following a 2 day power outage a week ago. The DW was running at the time of the power outage and not sure if maybe a control board might have been damaged.

Anyway, the DW fills up partially then stops. The float barely gets wet and the DW does not stop filling because the float switch is activated. Then it sits for a few minutes and then drains. Then it fills up again partially and stops and that’s it. No wash, no nothing. I haven’t actually waited to see if it would drain again after about 3 hours at the end of the cycle.

The DW seems to cycle through. The Inlet is clean and relay is good. The Float moves freely and the switch is also good. The drain cycle works fine, but I couldn’t get the proper reading on the solenoid for the drain pump (but I think it’s fine since I can just force it to drain). I tried metering the wash motor and I was getting 1250 ohms at first which is no good, but then there was a spot where I got 15 ohms twice but it was really hard to get that reading… so I have no idea if the motor is good or not. And I tricked the door latch and same issue.

From what I have read in one of the posts, it is likely the Wash pump that needs replacing, but the partial filling of the tub is suspicious.

Any help would be great,

Thank you in advance for your time

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Forgot, I get 110v between the two wires at the Wash Pump connector when I turn the DW on. This would be another sign that the wash pump might be the problem and not the Control Board.


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Hi @husamyster ,

If you haven’t already got it then here’s the tech sheet for the dishwasher. I think it is the one for your model anyway. (sometimes it can be found in a plastic sleeve behind the kick plate (toe plate?) of the dishwasher if you want to check.

It shows how to get into the diagnostic mode so that all the individual functions can be checked etc.

Hopefully a start

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Thx @jayeff, I ran the diagnostics to no avail. There were 5 fault codes that came up, 3 of which did not exist in the chart, one was about the door latch which I know works fine (pretty sure anyway) and one about the Wash Motor. All faults cleared, but the issue remained. Ran diagnostics a few times after and the Wash Motor fault code kept coming back. So pretty sure that is it.

My dishwasher is 3-4 years old with Part# W10805387. The replacement Part# has been changed to W11024423 if anyone reading this has the same model and issue. Cheapest place I found was Appliance Parts for $148 shipped. Everyone else was $180-238. Ebay had some used one for $120.

If anyone thinks I might have missed something, please do not hesitate to pipe up.

Thx again for the help


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