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Acer's light and convertible multi-touch tablet with detachable keyboard dock, released in 2015 as a part of the Acer One Series.

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I cant see any networks

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me i have the same problem on acer one 10 i cant see any networks ive tried at least 1/2 of every thing on the web to solve it but none of them worked

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Could you please edit your question to be more informative? Like a title and a proper issue description? What exactly is the problem you're facing? Just the "I can't see any networks"? What have you tried? (Updating OS, Updating Drivers, Checking Cables,... ?)


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Hi @helppeople ,

What is the status of the WLAN adapter as shown in Device Manager, i.e red cross, yellow exclamation mark or says working correctly?

If there are no WLAN adapters shown in Device Manager > Network Adapters, check in BIOS (press F2 on startup, before it boots into Windows) to see if there is a setting to disable the WLAN adapter at all. If there is and it is disabled, enable it, save the changes and restart the laptop and check if it works OK. The Acer user manual for the laptop gives no information as to what settings there are in BIOS

If there is no setting in BIOS and there is no appearance of a WLAN adapter in Device Manager, you may have a loose or faulty WLAN adapter card.

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