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A treadmill is a device for walking or running while staying in the same place.

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Treadmill Motor control board bad?

My NordicTrack treadmill will power up and start fine but after 2 seconds the belt stops moving. The display is on but will not respond when I push the buttons. Once I power off and on it will again start but only runs for two seconds. I have checked the magnetic speed sensor and that is fine. I have also checked all the connections. When I look at the motor control board the red light is on u til the belt moves, then it blinks and goes back to solid red once it stops. Do you think the control board could be bad?

Update (03/12/2021)

The model is a elite 9500.

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Its a power supply failure

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Might be a failure with the power supply, but what I would do is take a look inside and compare it to images online and see if anything looks different than a regular one. Might be some loose plugs inside, I had this issue once with a different brand, and it was a loose plug inside that caused the problem.

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