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The 2009-2014 Ford F-150 was introduced for the 2009 model year as an update of the Ford full-size truck platform.

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Rattle Under Engine at 25 mph

I have a rattle under my engine that starts at ~25 mph and disappears after accelerating to 35 mph.

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I have a vehicle that does the same thing and it was just the idle of the motor making the exhaust slap against a piece of tin that kinda wraps around the muffler close to were the muffler bolts to the motor. Can also u a long rod as a stethoscope and put your ear to one end and touch the other end around the spot where you hear the noise. Do this while the vehicle is idleing. Please be careful and don't put it in a spot were something is turning or moving.

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This happened on my 1996 F-150. The catalytic converter heat shield was loose. After a few attempts of refastening it, I used good old mechanics wire instead of bolts . . . no more rattling.


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