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2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache.

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New battery life lower than expected.

Hi all,

I have just replaced the battery in my Macbook Pro late 2012 Retina with one from iFixit. The installation kit including instructions was excellent. However, I am only getting around 4:50 / 5 hours battery life when working on emails, no video and medium brightness. When it was new I would have around 6.5/7 hours of similar use and that is backed up by various testing results that can be found online. I have calibrated it properly.

Can anyone confirm that the iFixit batteries are of the same spec as new OEM ones? Should I get more battery life than this?

Many thanks,


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Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question


Thanks, Dan. Done that and photo added


@Cal Nicklin - What does it look like with the charger plugged in and charging?


added that too


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Do you tend to run the battery this low? If you do you will shorten the battery life and will need to allow the system to properly charge the battery fully. Even though the Full Charge Capacity may appear full you need to leave it on the charger an additional 2 ~ 4 hours so the battery is maxed out.

Frankly, the battery does better when its within the middle 1/3 of charge. But, that will lessen the batteries run time unlike at full charge. You don’t want to not let the battery discharge so low as you’re burning it out!

So answering your question the battery is equal to Apple’s. Just don’t abuse it!

Your usage is the bigger factor and as you have a new battery your over focused on its run time instead of focused on usage and how you charge your system which is the issue here as you’ve already run through 10 cycle counts in 174 days which is excessive!

Remember Aesops fable the Hare and the Tortoise? Be the tortoise slow and even Vs the hare fast and worn out.

Update (04/19/2021)

For a point of reference, here’s my 15” UnibodyMacBook Pro battery status

Block Image

I rarely let it discharge past 1/2 point.

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Thanks Dan, this is helpful. I would normally keep the battery topped up. 4 of those cycles are 2 calibration cycles. I have only charged it once or twice otherwise. Usually I would not fully discharge it, I was doing so in this short time frame to see if the new battery was functioning properly, as mentioned to calibrate it.

Also, I have only owned the battery for a few weeks. Even so, I have had the is 10 cycles in 174 days i.e. 20 cycles in 1 year is that honestly excessive? That would mean 200 cycles in 10 years use - a long way off Apple's suggestion that 1000 cycles of use before 80% of capacity. So you'd have to use it for 50 years before reaching 80% capacity!


I've looked into this a bit more and 10 cycles in 174 days really isn't excessive. And I shouldn't expect to see the capacity drop to 5848 in this period of time. Please can someone advise further?


@Cal Nicklin - I go a mile to get food, you go 50 miles so my cars lifespan is longer than yours.

A cycle is the depletion of your battery to a point a deep charge was required. So your actions is like running your cars tank dry. Best not to do it as one day you may need to take a hike to the gas station and the junk that's settled at the bottom get pushed into your engine which could damage it.

Remember that middle third! The more you keep it there the better! Don't over think the cycles as its just the repercussions of use. The better use the less cycles you'll burn.


Dan, I understand what you're saying. However this level of deep discharge has happened only twice in the time I have owned the battery. As you know, batteries are going to be calibrated more than twice in their life, and of course there will be situations where you run out of power.

So what I am asking is, is it reasonable to expect that a battery with just 10 cycles to have lost nearly 10% of its capacity?


Let me answer you this way; When you drop around the 1/3 charge state your system will often burn a cycle. Your battery clearly had gone through a few cycles unbeknownst by you.

Depending on the version of macOS calibration is less of an issue. The newer firmware and OS services will manage the battery better.

Until you allow your system to fully recover its batteries charge, one can't determine things accurately. Allow your system to charge a good 12 hours and then post a fresh snapshot.


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