I believe my phone has been "cloned"

One night after sleeping extremely hard, I awake to an email that my sim card had been removed (via lookouts premium version), of course the young lady living with me at the time had “no idea what that’s about”. Since then in order to unlock my phone I have to enter my pattern twice. I swipe up to bring up the dots, I enter the pattern and it goes black and i have to repeat the process to continue. I recently added 2 step verification to my google account and the message said “ do i want to send it to my Galaxy J7 prime or my Galaxy J7 prime…(im trying to upload the screenshot now)…what do i do???tia

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Do you use two factor authentication via SMS?


I get a notification in my bar and when I pull it down it asked me if I'm trying to sign in from this device or that device.


@dbleaces I'm not entirely sure the process, but if your phone has been cloned, you need to go into Google, change your password, and sign out all devices. They'll have to sign in using the new password. Do this for all accounts. And go to your phone provider and ask them what you should do. They may have to replace your sim card which would mean the old one gets deactivated and they can't do jack with it. Do not reset anything using texts to that phone until you contact your local cell provider. Otherwise they may get the verification texts n whatnot and you'll just be shooting yourself in the foot. This is the best I can think of.


thank you sir have a graet day


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