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The Latitude E7440 is an ultrabook by Dell released in November 2013, identified by model number 730-6964, with a fully usable touchscreen display. It is a high end business laptop built to be portable and sleek yet sturdy.

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Win10 Pro 20H2 not properly hibernating - reasonably new install

The install on this laptop is not that old; it’s from March 1st, give or take. See here for more details on how this machine came to be, if needed.

This is the second time it has not properly hibernated - first time was forcefully shut down, and the 2nd incident didn’t even bother properly hibernating - just shutdown without saving the contents to the drive. Even worse now is this issue has cost me battery calibration logging I was doing to see how much life my 73-75% health pack has left since it’s my last battery.

Has anyone looked at these laptops at the BIOS level closely to see if there’s any settings that cause this? A25 BIOS and the install is from Feb. 22 so it’s not even that old to suspect bad software yet. I can wipe and reinstall Windows with a fresh 20H2 image, but the time to setup that is enough I want to exhaust some reasonable options first. This doesn’t feel like the laptop is plagued by the Spectre microcode restart glitch to me.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (05/18/2021)

Well, the audio is also super flaky too - works when it wants to :/.

Either the HW is dying, or the OS needs a redo.

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1st-hybernation is mostly misunderstood and mostly not needed especially with an SSD. What Hibernation does is to save your RAM so that windows does not have to reload everything on startup.. It just reads the hyber file into RAM and you are up. If you shut down your open apps before shutdown and do not hibernate, rebooting is very fast with an SSD. Hibernating just consumes write bytes and shortens the life of your SSD. If you do not close your apps, sleep is a better option assuming your battery is good enough to hold up during any power failure. Ram isn’t written to SSD and therefore does not eat up life of the SSD.

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