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Chinese brand phone, runs AndroidOne, pentalobe front screws

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Screen shows boot image, then blank

Just replaced my phone screen, the oem boot image shows up, but then the screen eventually goes blank . I’m pretty sure it’s fully booted at that point, but i have no good way of telling . I bought the screen off ebay, is it just defective ?

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Hi @theotheroracle ,

Things to try to resolve the problem:

i). Check if the display stays on when the phone is in recovery mode

If it does then try wiping the cache partition and then check if it stays on.

To do this, enter recovery mode as shown above and the scroll down to wipe cache partition using the Volume buttons and then select it by pressing the Power button and then follow the prompts.

ii). Try starting the phone in safe mode and check if it works OK.

If it does then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. You will need to uninstall each downloaded app, one by one and test the phone in normal mode between each uninstall to see if it now works OK. When it does then the last downloaded app that was uninstalled was the problem. A downloaded app was one that you downloaded and installed on the phone and wasn’t already pre-installed when you got it.

iii). With the phone turned on try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen and check if you can see any images at all. They will be very faint if they are there, so trying this in a darkened room may help to see them.

If you can see images then there is a backlight problem (or even if you can’t but at least you know what it might be if you can see images) then the problem could either be in the systemboard or the display. As a DIY repair all you can try is to replace the display and check. If the new replacement is also faulty then the problem is on the systemboard.

Was the battery disconnected from the systemboard when the display was replaced? I don’t know the phone but with some mobile phones there is a backlight power fuse mounted on the systemboard close to the display flex cable connector on the board. It may be worthwhile checking to see if it is OK or not if there is also one in your phone, that is.

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recovery mode behaves the same as standard mode, however fastboot mode behaves normally .

i believe it’s because recovery mode shows the oem boot image momentarily before it loads, wheras fastboot mode has it’s own boot image . from fastboot mode, i did try to boot twrp, but the screen just stayed blank .


also, the backlight can't be broken because it does show an image when initially booting

yes the battery was replaced when the display was, but the backlight is functional sometimes so it can't be a fuse issue

actually, when the phone is on, i can tell that the backlight is also on, the display is just blank

i know it's on because it synced with my computer and because it made notification sounds


from what i can tell, the digitizer doesn't seem to be working but i can't be %100 sure on that



Since you can get into fastboot mode you may have to try reloading the rom and check how that goes.


that won't work though, as i can't use a recovery


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