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The fifth-generation Nissan Altima was released in May 2012 for the 2013 model year.

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Lights come on dash and car stops getting power

Please watch the video, any help would be appreciated.

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Is the battery symbol (in red) on in the tachometer after starting? This usually means an electrical system problem; dead/discharged battery, broken/loose drive belt or belt tensioner, alternator fault or blown fusible link wire to the alternator or blown fuse in the engine fuse box.

Searching for Nissan Altima forums with members having the same model share free info dealers and repair shops aren’t willing to provide. If the red symbol is for the battery, either charge it or visit Autozone or similar auto parts store selling car batteries. They’re more likely to have battery testing equipment and may provide free battery testing in the vehicle or brought into their store. Alternators can be tested the same way. Look in the engine bay for a missing or loose serpentine drive belt. This drive belt supplies power for the power steering pump, water pump, alternator and ac compressor.

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Thank you for your insight. When I start the car initially no lights are on, I replaced the batteryin October, belts in November then alternator in March and I’m still having the same issues. I replaced the engine fuse box last week, still having this same issue…this video is two days after that.


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This might be easy.

Notice how things change when you rev your engine? Your engine moves a bit when you rev it and that movement pull on hoses and wires including the battery cable connectors. You said you just had your battery changed.

A couple of years ago I watched several helpful guys try to help two women start their vehicle. They jumped the battery which started the engine but it died when they disconnected their cables. They ran extension cords to a battery charger and charged the battery for a while. Nothing. I went over and asked when the ladies began having starting trouble. Ever since they’d had their battery changed (on the road) just after they’d left on their trip. Hmm. I gave the battery connectors a healthy twist with my fingers and they both rotated! The ladies had some wrenches in the trunk which was all we needed to tighten up the cable connectors.

You may have the same problem. Almost all battery connectors are dirty, and show white and green chemical growth. When a battery is changed, somebody needs to spend some time cleaning all that stuff off and make sure the little nut that is designed to not be able to get a wrench on, is nice and tight. Try to twist it when you are done.

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