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Apple's March 2019 refresh of its iPad Air tablet, sporting an A12 Bionic processor and a 10.5" screen.

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After I replaced the screen, the iPad doesnt turns on anymore

I took the old screen apart 9 months ago and now that i work i wanted to change the screen with a brand new one. And now the tablet doesnt turn on anymore

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This could be caused by any number of issues. The one that is most likely, the backlight fuse has been blown. You are able to check for this issue, by shining a light into the screen to see if the images are there and just not visible due to no backlight. If this is the issue, there are any number of repair shops that can handle this repair.

Hope this helps.

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The Thing is, the iPad doesnt appear under Windows or there aren't any signs of life yk.


Do you have a USB current charger connector? That will tell you if the charge port is working. The power circuit or charge port connections could have been damaged when changing the digitizer or LCD.


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