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The Razer Blade (2018) is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop released in May 2018.

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Random Shutoffs with no Error Message

Hello, I purchased a Razer Blade 15 two years ago (2019) and am just now coming across an issue where it’ll power off randomly.

Doing my due diligence I opened up the back and lo and behold the battery was swollen to $@$*. I removed the battery, and attempted to run on AC only, however the random power offs still remain. Please advise, and thank you.

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Hi @gorpsky,

Since it is random try check the following and allow a bit of time to see if it happens or not.

Can you hear the fan is working OK and feel the air from the air vents in the laptop case? This is in case it is overheating and shutting down. If you can’t hear or feel the fan it may be faulty or the vent is blocked etc.

Check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that may be logged at the time of the shut down. To get to Event Viewer in Win 10 press the Win key + x key (both together) and click on the link. Search online using the Event ID and Source information to find out what it means

Start the laptop in safe mode with networking and see if it occurs.

If it doesn’t it is a driver problem as only generic Windows drivers are loaded and not the hardware specific drivers for the laptop.

If it still fails in safe mode then try getting into BIOS on startup and leave it there and check if it also shuts down when there.

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Thanks for your response, however I haven’t been able to attempt much.

It powers down before the fans get going, I did clean them off while I had the backplate removed. I am currently also running of my charger directly plugged into the wall, yet the unit loses power and shuts down within minutes or sometimes seconds of being turned on. It takes about 3 or 4 cycles to get it to the log in screen, and shuts down before I can attempt a boot into safe mode.

I did manage to get it into BIOS once but it powered down while in that menu as well.



If it is turning off that quickly, maybe check the fans are both turning on and that the thermal paste on the CPU/GPU is not dried out as it might be that the CPU is overheating.

The thermal paste should be OK because the laptop is not that old but it may depend on what environment the laptop was being used.

Here's the ifixit motherboard replacement guide that will help you to gain access.


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Im having the same issue, did you ever found what was the issue with it?

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Yo yeah, my battery overheated, inflated, and wrecked my motherboard. You can identify an inflated battery if you’re having a hard time “clicking” the trackpad. The battery is located right beneath the trackpad and has very poor heat insulation. Worth looking at


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