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The Canon PowerShot G3 is a digital, point-and-shoot camera manufactured by cannon in 2002.

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How to fix canon g3 black photo with black images on display

Everything other than proper ohoto and display is working. new battery, flash, focus assist etc. all working yet no photo, just black space.

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@chauqg does the display show the image properly?


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Hi @chauqg ,

If there are no images in the LCD screen and only black photos when downloading photos taken by the camera then given everything else is OK you may have a faulty CCD sensor or connection to the sensor in the camera.

Here’s the service manual for the camera which may help.

The CCD sensor is part of the optical unit. It is not listed as a separate part in the parts list and I couldn’t find a replacement part online when searching for either the CCD sensor or the optical unit. You may have better luck.

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