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Small fully automatic coffee machines from Melitta. The Melitta Caffeo Solo makes approximately two cups of coffee at a time. Milk foam is only possible with the "Perfect Milk" variants.

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Power fuse. Where is it?

I’m trying to find the Power fuse im our Cafeo Solo.

Where is it placed? And what type of fuse is it?

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@VauWeh any idea about this? @jannegus ,he is the coffee machine guru and wrote the guides for this model. The @ should notify him of your question. Let's see what happens


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All heating appliances must have thermal fuses to prevent a fire. They’re in line with the power inside the case clipped to the heating element section.

One version looks like a 3/16” diameter x 1/2” cylinder with an epoxy tapered plug in one end. One wire is attached at each end.

Another common version is a 1/2” diameter x 3/8” high can with 2 mounting tabs and 2 spade lugs for the wires.

I hope it has the rating marked, usually in Centigrade, otherwise you’ll have to find it. Thermal fuses are made in a wide variety of temperature ratings - it’s dangerous to guess it.

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