3DS cartridges only read after device restarts

I have a 3DS XL Smash Bros edition and it works perfectly fine except for the hot-swapping of games. If I introduce a game while it’s on, it won’t even react to it. If then I restart the console, the game shows up there just fine. If I open something that “resets” the console, like opening and closing the settings, it also works. And of course if I put in a cartridge while it’s turned off it also works.

How do I fix this? I want to sell it but I can’t with this issue, and I’m hoping since the problem seems like something software related I might be able to avoid having to replace the card reader, which I’ve never done…

I’ve already cleaned the slot thoroughly and tried different games.

Thanks for your time.

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Has nobody encountered something at least similar? Or is there anything else that I could test or check to narrow down the issue?


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