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Repair guides and disassembly information for Microsoft's third-gen Surface Laptop, released in October of 2019.

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Where is the WiFi module? (Lan Card)

The wifi stopped working and I tried reinstalling the drivers, but that didn't cure the problem.

Therefore, I am now using an external wifi.
I want to replace my wifi card.

I have watched various repair videos and while I can find the SSD, I cannot find the wifi card.

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There is no wifi “card”, the wifi chip is directly soldered onto the motherboard.

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What is the status of the WLAN network adapter as shown in Device Manager?

Does it state that "This device is working properly"?

Go to Device Manager > Network Adapters > right click on the WLAN adapter entry > Properties > General tab > Device status box.

If it shows that it is working OK does the laptop show any available WiFi networks in the WiFi list?

If not try using the laptop as close as possible to your WiFi router i.e. <20cm, and check if it detects the network. If it does then it may be a loose or disconnected antenna problem.

See Step.36 of the ifixit Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13.5" Motherboard Replacement guide for the location of the antenna connection on the motherboard.

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