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Why Is my phone screen different colors!

I was eating cereal and I was pouring more cornflakes the cereal bowl fell into my bowl and milk splashed on my phone . I put it in rice straight away as it had happened to me before with water. the next day my brother gave me those silica gel packets to put in the bowl with the rice. after a few hours I checked on my phone and it was perfectly fine .The next day it started fuzzing and freezing but I didn’t think much of it and then yesterday the screen went dark but there were lines of different colors and every time you turned it of and turned it it on it would change I am trying to turn my phone off as I have alarms that go off randomly and disturb my family but I cant touch the screen because it doesn’t work, I can also see some icons in the back round but there very dim. please help!

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Liquid damage can cause major problems with a phone, and rice does not help. If you encounter liquid damage again, take your phone apart and dry off the circuit boards. Keep in mind that a phone with liquid damage may have a limited life.

In your case, it seems like the screen has been damaged by liquid. I would start with a replacement screen, however, the motherboard may also be damaged.

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