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The Razer Blade (2018) is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop released in May 2018.

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How do I take out the razer blade battery?

This laptop sucks. I cannot imagine how people figure out their way around these irrational builds.

Someone please, show me how to actually remove the battery.

The screws come out yes, but the battery does not.

Am O suppose to just rip this thing out and hope there's not some other connector or anchor I'm going to break (like the heat sink)

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The only thing holding the battery in besides the six screws is the connector. So, if you’ve disconnected it and removed all the screws, it should come out with relative ease.

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My guy, thank you for your quick response.

Unseated cable, and took out the screws.

It's totally wedged in there or glued. I'm scared it's connected to another cable.? I'm gonna have to make a video and post it on YT to show ya'll in the AM.


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