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stuck in a boot loop

Samsung NP300E5A

after i got a windows update the device has been stuck in a boot loop since then it goes like this:

samsung logo with loading wheel

cmd prompt flashes for a brief moment

it says attempting to recover installation

undoing changes made to your computer

after a few minutes restart and back to square one

p.s i've tried to open windows recovery but all it did is flash a black screen, have a flash card with windows 10, have no idea how to boot from it

UPDATE: during the loop, I've managed to open winpeshl.exe by pressing spacebar and selecting maximize, can this help?

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Try getting onto BIOS on startup by pressing the F2 key few times when the laptop first starts.

When in BIOS go to the Boot menu and select the appropriate device type as the 1st boot option i.e. cd drive or USB, not the HDD.

Save the changes, insert the recovery drive into the laptop and then restart the laptop.

It should now boot from the recovery drive.

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f2 key does nothing


@Roblo' Gamin!

The only thing that I could suggest then is to remove the battery from the laptop and then remove the HDD from the laptop and then reinsert the battery and the restart the laptop as it should then get into BIOS because there is no OS.

If you can get into BIOS change the boot order and then turn off the laptop, remove the battery, reinsert the HDD, reinsert the battery, insert the recovery drive and start the laptop.

Not totally sure if the following is applicable to your particular model but it is in my old Samsung. Try disabling "fast boot". Go to BIOS > Advanced > Fast Boot. Maybe "fast boot" has been enabled in BIOS which prevents access using F2 unless you are extremely quick in pressing it after startup. Fast boot also effectively disables the USB ports until the OS is loaded, so that you can't boot from them either as they're not checked during POST. This is to speed things up when you have a HDD with a OS installed of course.


removing the hdd results the laptop in a much faster boot loop, doesnt boot into bios, although when the flash card is installed it boots into windows setup



Removing the HDD won't fix a corrupted Windows installation.

Are you pressing F2 very soon after the laptop is started to get into BIOS?

If the Win 10 recovery is on a USB drive you need to get into BIOS and disable fast Boot and then also alter the boot priority list to show the USB as the 1st boot option and not the HDD as the 1st boot option.

Then insert the USB drive into the laptop, save the changes when exiting BIOS and restart the laptop. When it restarts it will find the USB drive (is it "bootable"?) and boot from it.

Not sure what you mean by Win 10 on a flash card, but a Win 10 recovery drive can be created from any known working Win 10 PC.

All you need is an 8GB USB flashdrive and 40-60 minutes of time.

In the host PC go to Control Panel > Recovery > create a recovery drive and follow the prompts.

Once you have the recovery drive, use the procedure above and restart the laptop with it inserted.

It should boot to the Win Recovery Environment menus.

When there select Troubleshooting > Advanced > Start up Repair and follow rthe prompts. DO NOT select Reset this PC, because if you select the wrong option after this you can erase all your data as Windows will be reinstalled.


ive messed up my boot priority and now i cant boot installation from flash card help pls


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Good job on preparing a drive with a Windows installer, it can always come in handy!

To boot from the drive:

  1. Completely power off the machine
  2. Power on the device and press [F10] until a boot menu appears
  3. From here, use the arrow keys to select the boot device
  4. Hit the enter key once you’ve selected the appropriate device
  5. Reinstall Windows (there are many guides on how to do this)

Hope this works and you are able to fix your machine,


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as said previously, tapping the f10 button or just trying to enter recovery results in a black screen(sometimes with a loading wheel) and returns me into the loop


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