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The Samsung Galaxy A10 is an android smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics. It was released in March 2019.

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Only glass replacement for Galaxy A10


recently the glass of my phone broke and I am pretty sure that the lcd panel is intact. I have read in other Answers that its not recommended to replace only the glass. But I saw this on ebay:

And it is so cheap that I want to try if I am able to replace only the glass.

But I don’t know anything about how the lcd and glass are glued together, how to separate them and what I need put the new glass on? Is this even doable under 50€ (with the extra stuff I need to buy)

I already own a reasonable iFixit Set.

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You will need to get a phone heating plate to separate the glass and LCD. With this plus the glass, you're already over 50€.

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Thanks. But is that all I need? Or do I need some additional stuff too


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As others have said, I don’t recommend trying to do just the glass. I worked in a repair shop for 2 years and we always used full assemblies because in the long run, it’s more cost effective. From my understanding, you have to have very specialized equipment and it takes some skill. If I’m being honest, it’s likely you would damage the LCD panel trying to separate the old glass from it. It doesn’t take much to damage an LCD. This would make it useless and then you would have to purchase an entire assembly at that point. As I’ve never done it before, I can’t say for sure, but I think gluing the new glass on can be quite tricky. I would compare it to putting on a screen protector but with much more permanent results.

TLDR, just spend the money to get a full assembly and call it good.

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