What wire goes where off a and b stud to power distribution a and b

at the a and b studs, that supply power to the maxi fuse section and the mini and relay section of power distribution box, , how do you know which wire goes where on top………….. the maxi fuse has an a and b bolt to connect to, also the box with relays and mini fuses has a stud on both sides marked a and b.

ive read that my lb7 has battery one which is to ecu and starter,, and the 2nd battery known as the auxillary battery is after diesal starts 2nd battery is for this,,,, also states there is a iso( isolator) keeping 2nd battery from draining battery one…….

need to know correct connect ,, when i got the truck the thick red wire and medium sized red wire appeared to have been mended together and broke, therefore leaving me not knowing what went where.

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