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Released on Oct. 2016, identified by the model number E5-575G-53VG

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Why does my laptop suddenly shuts down with no signs of life

My Acer Aspire E5-575G stopped charging up to 100%. It usually stops charging around 93-96%. When unplugged, it suddenly goes off at around 54 - 57% and will not turn on no matter what I do. When it suddenly goes of, it doesn't indicate signs of life/power when I plug it in to charge. (That is, the orange light won't turn on to indicate charging)

I've tried resetting the battery several times and it still won't switch on, I even went as far as opening up the pc to disconnect and reconnect the built-in battery, but it still won't turn on.

I also tried disconnecting the battery and use only power from the charger in hopes of checking if battery was the problem, that still didn't work. Disconnected the battery, plugged it to power outlet and the pc still won't turn on even while pressing on the kill switch button.

The only time it will come on is if I connect the battery and connect it to power outlet for some time. The duration of plugging the pc to the charger before it indicates it's charging and shows sign of life varies but within 2 to 5 minutes. During this period, I would have disconnected and reconnected the charger serveral times.

When it turns on, I can use it normally and will never go off while connected to the charger but it never charges to 100%, always stopping somewhere between 93 - 97% (the battery icon in the task bar will indicates '6 minutes left to charge' for several hours). It goes off suddenly after disconnection from charger for a couple of minutes (40 - 50 minutes) when the battery hits around 53 - 57% after which it won't turn on.

What do I do?

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Hi @kingsident ,

Try creating a battery report to check the status of the battery.

Compare the Design Capacity value against the Full Charge Capacity value. For a good battery they should be nearly the same.

Just trying to isolate whether you may have two problems or just one.


@jayeff I generated the report, but it seems I'm unable to share screenshots from the report. Anyways the values are quite close.

For the battery life estimate




Battery capacity history:





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Hi @kingsident,

The figures suggest that the battery is down to 85% capacity but it should still work for longer than you say and also it should charge OK.

You say that there is no indication that it is being charged unless you repeatedly insert the charger.

This may mean that it may be a faulty DC-In jack in the laptop e.g. faulty internal connection in the jack where sometimes it makes and other times it is open circuit preventing the charger voltage/current from passing through to the motherboard, either to charge the battery and/or run the laptop.

If the jack is intermittently faulty this could prevent the battery from being charged properly so the laptop shuts down earlier than expected.

You may have to open the laptop and using an Voltmeter electrically check if the jack has a soild connection by checking the volatge at the jack’s cable plug end connected to the motherboard with the charger connected.

If the voltage is stable and not missing or varying then there may be a problem with the motherboard’s power detect and charging circuits

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@jayeff I did that. The fluctuation wasn't much, just at the first decimal place. It varied between 19.3v and 19.5v. You may be right. Man, I was really hoping the problem was with the charger and had nothing to do with the motherboard


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