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Samsung's flagship tablet, released in March 2017. Identified by model number SM-T820.

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Display problems. What to do?

The top of my display is showing only horizontal coloured lines. The rest of the display is slightly dimmed and it has a tint that sometimes is green and other times is yellow.

I've already opened the tablet and reseated the cable on both ends. It doesn't appear to have corrosion and the tablet wasn't dropped. What can I do?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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It looks like you will need to get a new display. You can get a new screen assembly here.

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That's the answer I was hoping I wouldn't get.

So I can't do nothing myself to try and fix it, right?

I won't purchase that display because it would be over 200 euros, which exceeds the value of the tablet by a long shot.

Thank you for your input!!


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