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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's Galaxy A32 5G Android smartphone, released in February of 2021.

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Why is the volume so low?

Other phones are louder than mine. How do I correct it?

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Hi @johnallcott

What "volume" are you referring to, ringtone volume, ear piece receiver volume on a call, loudspeaker volume on a hands free call etc?

Is the phone in a protective case which may be limiting the sound volume?

Presumably you've adjusted the relevant volume controls?


All volumes, Jayeff, except earpiece, but I mostly need loudspeaker for when I play music, etc.


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The loudspeaker is at the bottom end of the phone as can be seen in the image below taken from this teardown video for the phone.

If the phone is not in a case or protective cover which may be muffling the sound then there is either a problem with the loudspeaker or the systemboard audio amplifier circuit. Replacement loudspeakers (supplier example only) are available online. Do not confuse this speaker with the loudspeaker for a Galaxy A32 5G as it is different.

If the phone is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, go the warranty route to get it fixed rather than opening it up yourself or using a 3rd party repairer to find the problem.

Just to eliminate that it is not a downloaded app that is causing the problem, try starting the phone in safe mode to check if the volume is louder or not.

Block Image

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