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Screen Flickering in a really weird way.

Got myself a Gigabyte Aorus 5MB gaming laptop around May last year, the screen started to flicker by December, I sent it to the retail store where I bought this laptop from to get it fixed since it’s still under warranty. They contacted me that they had replaced the screen of the laptop and now it’s working and sent it back to me about a month after.

It’s only been two weeks since I got the laptop back and the screen starts flickering again. The screen flickers in a weird way, it shows multiple purple and pinkish lines on the top of the screen, and the below the lines everything just seems to be stuck and not moving at all, I can only move the mouse above the lines which is just a small portion of the screen left and I can see some blurry overlays of the programs and windows I’ve opened before the screen starts flickering. Here are some photos I took when it happened:

Block Image

As you can see I’m looking at discord at the time and the faint youtube video is showing.

Block Image

This is when I’ve restarted my laptop, it shows my desktop screen even at the boot page.

Some infos about the screen flickering:

  1. I’ve tried using other monitors, they are working fine, so I think the problem is with the hardware.
  2. The screen flickers are exactly the same as the last time, even the number of the lines are the same, so I’m thinking it’s not the problem with the screen.
  3. Something really weird about it is, the screen only flickers at night, especially when I turned on the air conditioner. I don’t know how an AC can possibly affect a laptop’s screen, I’ve only heard about TV screen goes black when the AC is turned on so if anyone know anything about this, can you explain how it works?
  4. I don’t think the screen is damaged too. Like I said, the screen was replaced, and the laptop has been on the very same desk very since I’ve bought it, I rarely close the lid too.

That’s all I have for now, thanks in advance!

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Does this happen when the the laptop is on battery only or when the charger is connected?

Does the problem stop if you turn off the A/C?


@jayeff Thanks for answering! I always have the charger connected to my laptop, but the problem persists with or without the charger on, weird part is, the laptop is working fine now, which worries me even more because the flickering is inconsistent this time around unlike the first time back in December.

Now I have both my A/C and laptop on, it seems to be working fine for now.


@dankest dango

I was just trying to eliminate the possibility that the A/C was feeding back through the house power supply and getting to the charger and affecting its output to the laptop.

When the problem arises again, try re-starting the laptop in safe mode and see if it occurs. If it doesn't then its a driver problem. More likely a video driver problem


@jayeff Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, when the screen starts to flicker, it happens even in safe mode + boot screen, so I doubt it's the drivers. Do you think it's the flex cable or inverter by any chance?


did the problem solve itself automatically?? !!, recently I am facing the same problem on my Aorus 5MB 144hz model, I assume it is motherboard issue, I have tried every way possible just without changing the display, I think it is supplying more current to the display, if I hold back the top of the screen then it is not flickering, but can't hire a person to hold like that for so long lol ... another thing is, it is my observation that the plastic materials of the display back panel is cheap and it changes the shape with weather condition, thus, the way of by passing extra current may have displaced from the position as i have seen a little bend in the display, it is noticeable at the top, near the webcam....


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@dankest dango

It could be the video flex cable.

When the problem occurs try pressing down on the lid hinges, one at a time and check if this changes what's happening. If no good slowly move the lid back and forth again to check the display.

The cable passes through a hinge (don't know which one in your laptop that why I suggested to test both) to get from the motherboard to the display and it can get damaged in that area,

Your laptop has a LED display so there is no inverter needed.

I suggest if it is still under warranty send it back. That's what warranties are for.

Don't open it yourself to investigate and give them a chance to void the warranty

Back up your data just in case before returning it

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