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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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TV Has Sound But No Picture - Help

Hi guys. My sharp E42E41NKFMBSNNX has no picture but has sound. I tried replacing the hdmi cable, plugging it into another hdmi port and factory resetting and nothing works. How Do I fix it?

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Hi @koolx

Factory resetting it means that you can view the TV menu screens OK, is this correct?

If possible try using another signal source using HDMI e.g. dvd player, pvr, laptop PC etc and check if there is video on the screen or not.

If there is then there may be a problem with the signal source and not the TV.

If not, then if possible try using another input connection type between the signal source and the TV e.g. component video (red/green/blue + red white cables) or composite video (yellow, red, white cable) and check if there is video or not. It may be a problem with the HDMI controller in the TV. I couldn’t find a TV user manual online so I don’t know what connection options are available.

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No, I cannot view the TV menu at all. The screen is completely black.

I tried plugging the hdmi cable into another TV and it works. So the culprit is not the cable, its the TV.



Just thought you needed the menus to do a "factory" reset. Did you use the remote to code in the factory reset then to do this?

With the TV on and audio heard, shine a torch (flashlight) at an angle close to the screen and check for any images on the screen.

They will be very faint if they are there so trying in a darkened room may help to see them.

If you can see images with the torch then there is a backlight problem. Either the LED backlights, the power supply or perhaps the mainboard not turning the backlights on.

Sharp is difficult as they don't release the schematics/service manuals to the public so it is difficult to know what the correct voltages should be on the power board.


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