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Repair and disassembly guides for Lexmark printers.

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*Lexmark CS417dn* Do these Lexmarks have an "override out" mode?

I picked up a used Lexmark CS417dn for occasional color printing (I don't need to all the time, but it's become more of a need then I had ~10 years ago). I am aware the "return program" toner will usually stop Lexmark printers (or at least, lock out color and go to B/W only) due to the chip programming.

But say when I eventually get rid of them (they're fairly common because most people see the ~$25-50 savings and give into the "return program" scam) and swap for standard toner as needed, can I put the printer into a "override out" condition where the toner levels are disregarded like what the HPs offer? I looked at the more current HP color lasers (the older pre-2015 ones like the Pro 400 M451dn/dw and the CP2025 are beginning to enter "high page count" status, sigh). My problem with HP is after 2014 all new models are "dynamic security" based and that includes the toner. That alone has largely put me off to getting another HP.

If this mode isn't possible, is it at least possible to use it as a monochrome printer until the empty toner is replaced?

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Hi @nick ,

Don't know but perhaps you could try a manual colour correction and select a Colour Conversion table of :

Display—True Black—Produces an output that approximates the colors displayed on a computer monitor. Uses only black toner to create all levels of neutral gray.

along with the appropriate Colour Object type (document type?) that you want to print

The above is from the service manual for the CS410 Series so perhaps your model is included.

A quick look through the manual gives no indication that you can ignore the toner levels for the various colours

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I just wish HP would drop the dynamic security nonsense and make steel workhorses again :(. They also split the drum hardware on some of the color lasers like everyone else, so tight integration doesn't save them like it used to. I don't like the Brother lasers because they hard stop, no B/W mode. I've always refused to get a Xerox due to the used toner/3rd party blocking, but I may need to budge with how cheap some of the newer HPs and Canons feel. There's also a limited clone market because of it.

It seems like the only option left is to go for a Canon (will nag you like the old HPs, but not commonly available used), get a Lexmark (with a B/W only mode) or look at a color Kyocera Ecosys (these tend to have a hidden override out like HPs).

I dropped HP for these games. Lexmark does play games around it as well, but that's mostly around the return program toner. Not the "full price" toner, thankfully. With how much BS they sneak in firmware these days, Lexmark is the best middle ground unless you can get a Ecosys or Canon (with descent reviews). Canon is mxed, and Koycera has a way to override it on some of them.

I'm not looking for a copier sized unit, but I want something that's made of a ton of metal. Lexmark and Kyocera are one of the few manufacturers left making steel workhorses. These new HPs are loaded with FW traps and are becoming more plastic than metal. Ricoh also looks like it may be a block of steel like the old HPs as well. Maybe I'm in the minority, but plastic is only acceptable outside and on some low tension gears - it's not a cure all to reduce cost.


@jayeff UPS had their way with it :-(. The imaging kit wasn't destroyed, but I'm going with an HP this time around. I like the M255dw a lot.

I hate dynamic security so much, but like... Xerox and Lexmark are known to rig the firmware full stop, Kyocera models aren't common, and Canon has mixed reviews and font set issues on multiple demo units I looked at which stop printing.


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