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A mirrorless digital camera by Olympus introduced in 2014.

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rotary plastic lever for the start switch of the OMD E-M5 mark 1


I'm looking without success for the plastic part serving as a rotary lever for the start switch of the Olympus OM D E-M5 mark 1. Many thanks,

Update (04/22/2022)

Here's the note I sent to Olympus:

I'm a French customer and have OMD E-M5 Mark 1, OMD E-M5 mark2, a large Olympus flash and 3 Olympus zooms. Although ALWAYS handling the start lever of my M5 mark1 with great care, this plastic lever has just broken into 5 pieces, without warning ...

I'm convinced that this lever is simply clipped on the metal axis of the switch. Using a high quality industrial binocular, I cannot understand how the plastic lever can ensure rotation of the axis. To open the M5mark 1 does not scare me. I'm assured that in the United States, parts of the M5 mark1 are still available.

Can you provide me with this plastic lever? Cordially,


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Did your's break?


If it did, I'd reccommned taking your camera into a camera store or sending it to Olympus for repair:


although I manipulate this lever each time VERY delicately, it has just broken into several pieces. Olympus no longer provides after-sales service and has no spare parts for sale. None of the contacted repairers have any parts for this (recent) device


@sansano Ok, that sounds really frustrating! If you have any skill with soldering you could consider soldering a new switch (even if it is just a simple sliding switch) unto the contacts and re-wire it that way.


even using a binocular with very high magnification, I can't see how the plastic lever (broken in 5 pieces) manages to rotate the metal axis of this switch. I'm afraid of having to open the device to understand how the metal axis can turn. I couldn't find an exploded view of the device.


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The top cover controls are all mounted from the inside of the cover. Sadly, Olympus only offers the full top cover for the attached controls to it vs the discreet part. You'll need to contact Olympus or an authorized service center to get the par if they are willing to sell it instead of requiring you the let me fix it.

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Olympus (and the repairers contacted) tell me that no one now provides after-sales service for the device and that no one has a part (for a device that is recent). I am convinced that this lever was simply clipped on the metal axis of the switch. However, even with a high quality industrial binocular, I cannot understand how this plastic lever could ensure the rotation of the metal repair axis

I don't find on internet this plastic lever. I can rebuild it with a 3D printer but a new lever will be very helpful


@sansano - Here in the states we still have access to parts via Olympus As they transferred the camera division to a new entity. Drill down to Support and then to your camera. See what they can offer you.

If push comes to shove, give this vid a view on how to get the top cover off its a bit of work How To Fix Olympus OM-D E-M10 (Disassembly & Repair)


Good morning. Do you have an email to provide me ? Here in France, no repairer has this lever.

My opinion is that it's simply clipped onto the metal axis.

Maybe I could have this plastic lever by olympus US or by an American repairman ?

In my opinion, totally useless to disassemble the device to place this lever. Dismantling the camera would not be an obstacle for me: I made my hands, from 2 new Lubitel, the equivalent of a Sputnik (film stereo camera 2*56*56 mm) : synchro of the focusing point, diaphragm sync, trigger sync


@sansano - Sorry I don't


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