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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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I accidently broke the flip latch for this connector

I accidently broke the flip latch for this connector. Is there a way for me to fix it? I didn't even flip up on it hard, it just basically crumbled when I touched it. Can I solder it on as an alternative?

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Make sure the model information is correct & post a pic of the connector so we get you aimed to the correct. Adding images to an existing question


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I assume you are referring to the battery daughter board to the logic board ribbon cable latch, aka FPC Connector. I just broke mine during my battery replacement and now the logic board does not see the new battery. I spoke with an authorized Apple repair center and the tech told me that Apple’s solution is to replace the entire Logic Board.  The tech told me he has tried soldering a new FPC connector on and it is very difficult and often not successful. Here is a YouTube video link showing a generic small FPC connector repair “”. I do not have the skill nor microscope et al needed to do this. I am going to try a “jury rig” by sliding a small piece of plastic into space between the ribbon cable and broken FPC connector before buying a new logic board. I will probably fail.

Update (08/17/23)

Thanks for the reply Dan. In my case, it was the larger of the two connectors for the battery daughter board to the logic board ribbon cable latch. The one closest the battery disconnect screw. If you could tell me the part number and the manufacturer of this FPC connector and a source (e.g. Mouser, DigiKey etc. etc) I will get a replacement and give it a try.

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@oldpetesrepair - You’re likely right but as we don’t know exactly which of the connectors and what got damaged so we can’t offer even the needed guidance or part. Which is why I asked for some pictures.

If you lost the latch part as they can go flying you can get a new connector and just snap out the latch and snap it into your system.

As far as soldering these bad boys they are tricky! But not as bad as I think the tech made out. I first clean the pads and tin them with fresh solder, use solder paste so I can tac it down then with a small iron touch up the joints with lead solder. The trick is to use Polyamide tape to insulate the area you want to protect form the heat. Then using a small aperture hot air unit it goes quite well.


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