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Model A1051 / 4 or 6 GB hard drive

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Display not lighting up?

My iPod Mini (2. Gen) has really tested my patience! I recently installed a new battery successfully but damaged the click-wheel connector along the way - a replacement has been ordered. In the meantime an iFlash adapter was ordered and arrived today.

I installed 128 GB of storage OK, but along the way the backlight on the LCD display seems to have stopped working. Normally the LCD lights up if the device is connected to power (or over USB to iTunes etc). Should be independent of software settings on the iPod. The LCD works otherwise, no obvious cracks etc.

I've restored the iPod again in iTunes/Music, but nothing has changed.

The entire time, I never went near the display ribbon cable or LCD display! I did have to disconnect and reconnect the iFlash adapter several times (as it is NOT very clear which was is "up" with respect to the orientation of the adapter! Could I have caused a short? I've check the ribbon cable for the display and cannot see any loose connection. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it as well.,.. no change.

Naturally, I would put the iPod into diagnostic mode, but I won't have a working click wheel for another week or two.

Asking here, as I would like to be sure I am making the right call about ordering a possible replacement.

Thanks, William

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Interestingly, the backlight function seems to return when the original 4GB hard drive is re-inserted?? I've never heard of this happen to anyone else.


And somewhere along the iTunes/Music restore the backlight has switched itself off again (permanently)... while the original HDD is still installed.. the hardware was not touched once along the way. I cannot figure the bug out!


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After having watched some YouTube videos about the flash-modding process, it seems to be normal that the iPod has an unlit screen after the restore process (and when otherwise connected to the PC/Mac with USB.. Maybe the old HDD in my iPod mini had some kind of cache for settings? In the case of the YouTubers, they may not have noticed that the screen was dim as they could easily switch on the backlight with the menu button.

That's the theory. Boy, has this otherwise cheap iPod Mini cost my me nerves (in terms of upgrading all the parts).

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Hi William

From the information you have provided me this is really wierd

Since the original hdd works I would install a program called super duper (it’s a drive management program) and use it to copy the hdd data to the SSD that way there is a much less chance of the issue reoccurring

Hopefully this helps but this is something iv never actually seen before

If you have any more questions please ask


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Also if possible I would try reseating the LCD


The new hard drive does actually work just fine in iTunes/Music. I considered SuperDuper (and Carbon Copy Cloner) but decided put it off for another day. Hopefully, it's just a case of holding the "Menu" button down when the new click-wheel arrives on... lessons have been learned (in how to break as well as fix [sometimes] electronics.


I think I'll hold off on buying a new LCD screen for the while (if it's a settings issue), despite how many restores have been done tonight! :-)


Sounds like a good idea! :)


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