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Repair information and support for the Samsung Notebook Series 9 15" laptop. Released in 2012. Model number: NP900X5L-K02US.

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lvds screen cable competable with model np940x5n

The laptop was overheating and white screen appeared. We cleaned the fans and apply thermal paste, but screen still goes white. When connected to external monitor, picture is OK. I am trying to find lvds screen cable to replace, but having trouble to find it for my model. Is there any computability charts to find other cable that would fit?

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Is there any information i.e. part number printed on the LVDS cable that you can see?

If so search online using that information to try and find suppliers.

Also bear in mind the problem could also be a faulty screen.

can you get into BIOS with a good display?

According to the specs there are 2 GPUs in the laptop, one integrated with the CPU (according to specs it's an i7 8550u) and a discrete AMD Raedon 540


I had it in a repair shop and the guy said it is either cable or screen, but suggested we try to replace cable first. So would it be best to open the laptop to see part number?


Hey ex year, were you able to determine what was causing this issue? My np940x5n is having a similar issue with a white/gray screen appearing during regular use.


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@ex year


Most cables have information printed on them somewhere.

Also if it turns out that the screen is the problem then the part number (or make and model number) will be on the back of the screen. Usually it is anyway ;-)

Here's a zoomed in image from the opening image of the ifixit Samsung Series 9 15" Repairability Assessment that I think shows where the information can be found. It is on the LVDS cable connector that plugs into the motherboard

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Update (05/11/2022)

@ex year

Without seeing the datasheet for the cable (I can't find one) I don't know how you would know whether it is or isn't compatible with another cable.

I found one supplier but they were out of stock. You could try contacting them and asking either if it can be ordered or if they know of an equivalent replacement. Never hurts to ask. The worst they can say is no.

Alternatively, disassemble the laptop so that you can access both ends of the LVDS cable (i.e. unplug it at both ends) and then use an Ohmmeter and test each wire in the cable individually for continuity from end to end. Sometimes the cable can be damaged where it passes through the hinge to get from the motherboard to the lid. Doing this may save trying to find a replacement cable if it tests OK

Either way you're going to have to get to the display so that the cable can be unplugged at that end if replacing the cable (if faulty) or the screen (likely if the cable is OK)

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I looked at sticker on cable and serial number is BA39-01432A but can't find it anywhere to buy. How can i check which other cable may be compatible ?


Thank you, will do that


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