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The Canon EOS 300D is a 6.3-megapixel entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera.

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Why does new battery immediately drain?

My Canon EOS Digital Rebel drains all three batteries I JUST bought for it. I charge battery, put in camera, turn on camera and might get one picture before everything goes blank and shuts off. I got an error message a couple of times. I don't remember the numbers because now it won't turn on, even when I charge the batteries again. Three new batteries and they don't last at all. I know they are good.

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Were they OEM Canon, or 3rd party? Some 3rd party batteries are... cheaply made, to be nice about it. Depending on the condition of the old OEM batteries (or in some cases, extremely Energizer e2 Photo 2CR3 cells which expired in 2013), you're usually better off running those to the ground and then retiring them, so you have time to find a good replacement while you have stable OEM's (even if the runtime is not the same). This is especially true if the OEM one is no longer manufactured.

While you can still buy the BP-511A new from Canon at $57 (may or may not be made anymore), I did find some used OEM cells here.

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