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Repair information for Samsung clothes dryers.

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Replacing Nonfunctional Button on DV45H7000GP/A3 Dryer

My dryer was intermittently turning on with some massaging of the on button, and now doesn't turn on at all. I took it apart, and when I shorted the connections for the button that turns it on and off, it turned on. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement for this button? I would be able to solder the new button on. A replacement board is $250, more than is worth it.

Block Image

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It looks like it is a pcb mount, momentary type tactile switch i.e. only operated when pressed, doesn't stay in operated position when released. An off - mom tactile switch. Perhaps search online for a pcb mount momentary tactile switch to hopefully find a suitable one.

Without knowing the voltage rating of the switch it may be a guess but unless it is in the AC part of the board usually 24V DC should cover it.

Unsolder the switch and check if there are any manufacturer's markings on it. You can also see the number of leads and mounts it has and their lead spacing etc. The major suppliers for these components, Digikey, Mouser and element14 all have datasheets associated with the components so you can actually check if they're compatible etc.

Way out idea is maybe to take a few pictures of the switch and then do a reverse image search and see what shows up. You never know your luck ;-)

Hopefully a start.

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Thanks for the awesome advice! I ended up ordering part FSM4JRT from Mouser - it's a tiny bit different depth, but the spacing for the leads are the same, and once installed was close enough to the original that the casing still works with it.


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