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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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What’s a reasonable price for an SSD replacement?

I’ve gotten my device semi working again but I believe the issue is my storage so I want to put a new SSD in and see if that fixes the issue. Looking around for a replacement the prices range from anywhere between $50 AUD to $750 AUD. I can’t tell what’s a reasonable price for an SSD for this device. I know it would depend on size too but even for drives of the same size the prices vary. I want to go for the cheaper end but don’t wanna screw myself by getting a dodgy drive. Any advice would be welcome!

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Hi @marinadeltay

I don't know Apple products but ifixit Australia sells SSDs for MacBooks.

Check your model number to be sure.

The good thing about ifixit is they offer a lifetime warranty on it.

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Hey thanks for the rec! Unfortunately ifixit doesn’t seem to sell SSD’s specific to my MacBook Pro yet :(


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Ebay will have used ssd’s that work so I would type in to eBay the storage you want and get the best deal

Ssd’s roughy are 70AUD to 250AUD

So I would try and stay I. That price bracket for a used one

Hopefully this help

Any more questions please ask


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That’s such a broad price range haha, I’m wondering what’s more reasonably priced/gonna get me a decent one



If you tell me what store you want I can get that Information for you:-)


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@marinadeltay - Sadly Apple did their own thing still again on the 2016/17 Function Key models jumping to still a different interface from the previous 2015 and older models.

I would go with OWC Aura Pro NT A1708 SSD's or get a real model from BeetsTech A1708 SSD's

Maybe it would be better to go with an external drive to test things, besides you'll need it to backup your internal to either transfer your stuff to a new drive or system if the issue is deeper, or get your system fixed as Apple will wipe the drive before they take it in for repairs and for your safety you'll should do this if you allow an independent to fix your system too.

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