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The Sony VAIO VPCEB4AFX is a 15.5-inch laptop computer released by Sony in April 2008. The laptop was only sold in a gunmetal black color.

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start up very slow

how can boot my start up quicker using windows 8.1

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Hi @kevon eliott walcott

Check how many Startup programs are being loaded when you first start the PC.

Some are necessary for correct operation but a lot are there simply to make them faster to open when and IF you need them.

If you don't use them that often, disable them in Task Manager > Startup (see link) restart the laptop and check if it loads quicker and runs better.

Disabling the program in Startup, doesn't disable the program. You can still open it from the apps menu list or the icon on the desktop. It only means that it will take slightly longer to open the program.
In the meantime if you have disabled them you are freeing up resources e.g. ram, for other purposes i.e. increased performance as more is available to use, rather than having some of it tied up just in case you may want to open a program a bit quicker.

If disabling a program creates a problem, simply enable it again in Task manager > Startup.

I suggest that you disable one at a time and check performance. If there are problems it is easier to re-enable just the one rather than having to work out which one is having a problem if you disable all at once.

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If it’s got a hard drive you could upgrade it to a much faster SSD and some new ram too

I would also recommend putting some new thermal paste in too

As for speeding it through software I would use a older version or use a lighter OS as there isn’t much you can do apart from close apps you aren’t using on the software side of things

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Ok i will try it an see


@kevon eliott walcott

Good luck:-)


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