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A samsung laptop released in 2016, identified by Model Code: NP740U5M - X01US

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black screen comes up with a message all boot options used press F4 to

black screen comes up with a message all boot options used press F4 to refcovery factory settings, or something to that affect. Pressed F4 and it shows recovery but it never worke. restart and same message comes up. Is this fixable or is there a problem with the motherboard? hard drive?



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BIOS is not detecting the HDD or perhaps the MBR (or GPT) tables in the HDD have become corrupted preventing the laptop from booting into the OS

Can you hear the HDD "spin up" when starting the laptop?

Try getting into BIOS by quickly pressing the F2 key a few times after starting the laptop.

When in BIOS check the sys info menu to see if the HDD (make and model number) is shown i.e it is being detected.

If it is not shown in BIOS in may be a faulty HDD or a loose HDD connection.

You could also try creating a Win 10 recovery USB from any known working Win 10 PC and boot the laptop using it. All you need is a 16GB USB drive and about 1-1.5hrs of time (depends on host PC).

Once you have the recovery USB, insert it into the laptop and turn on the laptop. It should boot from the recovery drive but most likely it won't find the HDD in the laptop to repair it if it has failed but it may fix it if it is only corrupted data.

Here's the ifixit Samsung Notebook 7 Spin NP740U3MK01US Hard Drive and SSD Replacement that may help. I realize that it isn't the same model as yours but hopefully it is close enough to be of some use.

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