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Updated Apple TV with second generation A5 processor / Released March 7, 2012

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ATV apparently dead - no power light

Have an A1469 Gen 3 AppleTV which was found dead after we came back out to our lake place this year. No power light, no picture.

Perhaps related, perhaps not - our 10 year old Samsung LED flat screen there was also found dead - I was able to repair with a new main board, while the power supply and T-Con board were fine. There had been some heavy weather in the month before - possible lightning strike?

Anyway, I've taken the bottom off the ATV, and see nothing obvious. No sign of life when plugged into Mac via USB. I hate to just throw away, but don't have any info regarding troubleshooting/diagnostics.

Any suggestions?

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Peter Benson don't throw it out yet. Take it further apart Apple TV 3rd Generation Power Supply Replacement and post some good pictures of the actual power supply with your QUESTION. It is possible that we might identify the cause for the issue. Also, power supplies are still readily available for this model and not to costly. Check Aliexpress etc. for that. If you feel really adventurous convert it to USB power like shown on here

Adding images to an existing question


@oldturkey03 - well said


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Hey, since you guys were so kind to respond, I thought I'd give some followup. I remembered I had a dusty but functional ATV 2nd gen sitting in the basement, so I opened that, and took out the (known good) power supply and put it in the 3rd gen. (I reasoned this would work since a replacement power supply from China lists it for the two models (three actually) and it looks the same.)

Anyway, didn't work in the gen 3. So it may be the main board. But...just for kicks, I put the Gen 3 power supply into the Gen 2 to see if the PS was good, but that didn't work either. Still dead.

So I think maybe _both_ the power supply _and_ the main board on the Gen 3 are kaput. Fortunately, when I reassembled the Gen 2 with its original power supply, it worked.

A lot of futzing for something I see you can buy off eBay for ~$15, but the puzzle was interesting to play with, and more experience always helps. We don't need too many bells and whistles at the lake place, so I'll just move the 2nd gen out there.


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Sounds like It was affected by a power surge!

If you send it to me I can test the Main board,

And if its not fixable I can buy it off you(say $12-19),

If not. It sounds like a Sower Supply issue,

Hope this Helps.

Guide: Apple TV 3rd Generation Power Supply Replacement

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@beanman56 what/how can Peter Benson check this him(her)self and possibly repair it? Our main goal is to empower people to fix their own devices....;-)


@oldturkey03 - well possibly seeing what the voltage from the power supply is


@beanman56 and how do you do that? Can you talk Peter Benson through this? Kind of like step-by-step..... ;-) Do you have a link to a page or a video that would explain it a bit more? I am by no means picking on you or anything like that, just want to add depth to your answer.


@oldturkey03 - uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

I got no idea. :/


@beanman56 okay let's see what we can find out.


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