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replace damaged USB cord on Kensington Expert Mouse

the USB cord on my Kensington Expert Mouse is damaged. I would like to know how to replace it.

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As there doesn't seem to be any replacement parts available for the mouse you can fix the cable by splicing a new USB cable onto the existing one.

Looking at a teardown video for the mouse, the USB cable is connected to a plug inside the mouse.

If you get an another standard USB cable e.g. one you already have and don't need for other things i.e. micro USB to USB or USB to USB etc cable and cut one end off leaving the other end with a USB 2.0 male connector on and then strip the insulation off the cut end to expose the 4 wires for about 50mm, then cut the existing cable about 50mm back from the cable plug inside the mouse you can joint and sleeve the new cable wire for wire between the new cable and the wires from the mouse cable plug.

It's a bit hard to see in the video but usually the wires are red, black, white and green and the standard connection in a USB plug is shown in the image below connect. Where they connect in the mouse would depend on what the manufacturer has decided but by using the existing cable plug they should go to the correct place. The red and black would be standard (Vcc and Gnd ) the other two wires are the data wires so hopefully they match colours. If the mouse powers up but doesn't work then reverse the two data wires.

Hopefully this is of some help

Block Image

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