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Hyundai launched a redesign of the Santa Fe on February 14, 2012, and went on sale in June 2012 as a 2013 model.

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Why is my sound not working

My music is no longer working but I can hear beeps when I switch back and forth

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please elaborate when you say "....when I switch back and forth"?

Switch back and forth between what - radio to usb or to cd etc?

Does any audio source work OK e.g. AM/FM radio, USB, CD etc?

Have you checked that the mute function has not been activated?


To add on to what Jayeff said, had you checked the fuses?


I apologize for the confusion when I click on another area of the screen for example testing out radio stations I hear a beep but no other sounds are coming out. I’ve tried radio, Bluetooth, and cd and usb. @jayeff


How can I check the mute function I have a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2016


I have not are there specific fuses for the sound? @rwhurtt


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Hi @GiGi TaughtYou

There are 3 fuses in the passenger compartment fuse box (I think and not the engine bay compartment fuse box) that can affect the audio.

They are designated AMP, multimedia and Module 4.

Here's an image (not too good, best that I could manage) showing where they are located in the fuse block.

Double check their location with the fuse designation information which is usually found in the lid of the fuse block.

Maybe check the AMP fuse first.

If a fuse has blown, replace with the same rated fuse. (printed on fuse itself)

Be aware that if a fuse has blown that there's always a reason for this so if you do have to replace it maybe get 2 or 3 of the same rating as it may blow again shortly afterwards.

If it blows again then the reason why this has occurred would need to be investigated further.

Block Image

(click on image)

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