plug in my microsd it will froze my 3ds

THIS IS EXACTLY MY PROBLEM! Im in 11.16 I have the latest luma version. this issue happened after I changed my battery. I tried different microSD they are all in Fat32 but none of them work.

After I pressed the R+ B in godmod9 to mount the SD then plug in my microsd it will froze my 3ds

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Please help !!!!


It should go without saying but, make sure that undamaged critical files such as boot.firm and boot.3dsx are present on the root of the SD card. Luma3ds will refuse to load as it will prioritize broken files on the SD card over non damaged files stored on the CTRNAND last I checked.

Also keep in mind that the bigger the SD card, the longer it will take to mount, especially if there is large amounts of data for the 3DS to comb through. I believe the 3DS wont mount any SD card over 256 GB no matter the formatting.

I edited my answer to make it easier to follow and to make it more concise. Try going through it again just in case my awful writing cased any form of confusion.


I read and follow your instruction many times to make sure I get this accurate but it still doesnt work on my end. Once I got in the "Initialising SD card failed! Retry? " then I insert my SDCARD it will freeze. Im using 4gb MicroSD with the boot.3dsx and boot.firm ONLY on the root of the SDCard.


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