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Repair and disassembly guides and support for dish washing appliances.

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MAGIC CHEF COUNTERTOP DISHWASHER fills and empties water; however no s

My MAGIC CHEF COUNTERTOP DISHWASHER fills and empties water; however no spray arm movement or washing sound. I hear a mild continual electric buzz sound when it's supposed to be washing. I don't think water is being moved through the dishwasher properly. The dishes come out still dirty :/ I removed the drain/filter area and cleaned.

Still the same. I needed to absorb some water in the drzin after machine finished draining. Any ideas? I love this machine. It has served us faithfully for about 3 1/2 years.

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Hi @ladyrocc,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

Seems as though there's a problem with the circulation pump.

Water being pumped through the spray arms causes them to rotate.

A buzzing sound could be a faulty start winding capacitor connected to the pump motor but this may depend on what type of motor is installed. Not all motors have or need them. Knowing the model number will help.

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Please "unaccept" my answer as it did not solve the problem for you.

Unfortunately it seems that Magic Chef doesn't have the circulation pump as a spare part for your model, if that's what the problem is of course. (Click in the Model search box and then scroll down to find your model and click on that to view all the parts available for the dishwasher).

Given that it may not be available as a spare part first check that the water jet outlets in the spray arms are not clogged, due to a clogged or torn filter which may be preventing the pump from operating correctly.

If everything appears to be OK then I can only suggest that you contact the Master Chef technical section and a) ask what the problem may be, b) if there is a replacement pump available if that's what they think it is and c) also if they have any repair service in your location if you can't replace it or fix it yourself.


Hi, your answer did help me in my conversation with MAGIC Chef/repair tech in a few ways and aligned with what they said.. Thank you very much!


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