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The Nextbook Ares 11 NXA116QC164 is an Android tablet with an 11.6-inch display released in 2015.

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Tablet not charging, light turns on

I'm not sure which version of Nextbook this is, but it's a tablet and a keyboard. My father gave it to me, because it wasn't working and he assumes because I'm younger I'll know how to fix it; I do not.

I plug it in, and there's a light next to a white battery icon on the side of the tablet, where the charging port, headphones, etc is, that DOES light up, but the screen doesn't do anything. I assume the light that turns on is the same one that signifies when it is dying or low battery.

It's plugged in currently, and I'm gonna leave it to charge overnight, but if the screen isn't turning on, does anyone know why that may be?

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Hi @vampire_puppy

Let it charge for 4-6 hours and then connect the charger and check if it turns on.

If it hasn't been used for a while then the battery may have been depleted beyond recovery and will need to be replaced. Knowing the model number will ensure that the correct battery is used and also maybe find guide/videos etc for how to do this.

Most probably if the battery is failing then the charger can't do both. Supply enough power to charge the battery and also to run the tablet at the same time and no a more powerful charger won't help either. It will only damage the tablet. ;-)

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