Netgear CAX30 Cablemodem/router stopped working

I have a 14 month old Netgear CAX30 Cablemodem/router combo that recently locked up. Only the ethernet lights remain lit. All the other light on the front panel are dark (power, LAN, 2.4, 5,g, , etc). I have attempted a reset multiple times, removed the power multiple times for 24+ hours.

When I plug the power back in, all that happens is the white ethernet lights (1-4) come on (even if nothing is plugged in) but nothing else happens. It does not go through a startup routine and it is not broadcasting a default wifi. I cannot access the unit via the ip address and it does not register with Spectrum (cable provider)

Is this unit "bricked" or is it repairable/recoverable?

Thank you for your input

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FYI - Although only 14 months old, it is beyond the warranty period for Netgear support


Hi @mtime,

Was there a power outage before the problem occurred with the router?

If not or even if there was since there is no longer any warranty you may have to open it up and check if there is any obvious component damage to the motherboard.

If you do spot something or even not, post some close up images of the board in your "question", especially the part of the board, near to where the power cord connects to it.

Here's how to do this on ifixit

Adding images to an existing question


Is the power adapter outputting voltage or dead? A multimeter is needed to measure output voltage on the plug to the router. All adapters have voltage specs. If voltage output is correct, the router may be faulty. Opening it and checking for a blown fuse may be all that a diyer can do unless familiar with electronics, troubleshooting and repairs before calling it 'bricked'.


Power adapter is working correctly and outputting correct voltage. Fuse is not the issue as LAN lights are on (as mentioned in original post).



There is still a power issue though as you said that there is no power light being displayed by the router.

When power is connected and the router turned on it should be one of the first lights to turn on, as the router starts to initialize

Have you opened it up to take a look?


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