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Recommendations for BGA reballing stencils

I was hoping some of you who do micro soldering, BGA reballing specifically, could recommend some good quality stencils (for iPhones mainly)?

I would like the range 5-14, if possible, and it must ship internationally.

My current ones only do 6-X, and they’re poor quality. Bought years ago from a random seller on eBay. This time I’d like something that’ll last!

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I personally have a set of Qian Li stencils I bought piecemeal. I believe they are mostly “Bumblebee” series stencils which I think is basically all the chips for a particular phone or generation of phone on one stencil. But I recommend getting the “3D” stencils if you can find them. I just couldn’t find them for all models. They have a vague cutout of the chips outline, or some kind of raised edge so the chips stay in place better.

I also greatly prefer stencils with square holes rather than round ones. It seems counterintuitive. But the balls drop onto the chip much more readily.

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@flannelist, I was looking at the QianLi ones, as I have other QianLi products I’m very happy with (iCopy 2.2 WOW). Hoped I could find some place that sold a “package” but I can’t seem to find one.

I did find a seller on eBay though, but had to buy them individually. Takes 3-6 weeks for them to arrive, and of the last 15 purchases on eBay, 9 or 10 arrived.. Couldn’t find any 3D stencils atm, but I have a search with notifications on ;)

I agree with the squared holes. Yes, it might sound backwards, but the difference is remarkable!


@flannelist, Ended up ordering a full set of the Bumblebee stencils from QianLi. Just hope this eBay shipment won’t get lost on it’s way from Asia…


@geirandersen I got most of mine from MobileSentrix, but I am not sure if they ship to Europe and they only ship to businesses (shhhhh no one tell them I’m not technically a business).

The 3D ones I got from iPadRehab. They are a bit pricier than you might find elsewhere, but they are fairly local to me so shipping is super speedy. A nd I have watched pretty much Jessa’s entire YouTube catalog so I figure it’s worth paying her back for all the stuff I’ve learned.


@flannelist Looks like MS ships internationally, but I’ve heard some disgruntled users on a Discord server I’m on.

I’ll definitely be checking out Jessa’s store! I’ve also watched a lot of her videos.

Now I’m considering if getting ZXW Tool; Wondering if it’s worth getting. I have FlexBoardView and really like it, and I’m fairly decent at finding the schematics and board views, but as I understand it, it’s found on ZXW’s server(s) in China?


@geirandersen ZXW is handy to have for sure, phone boardviews in my experience are much harder to find. Flex BV is fabulous, but it still requires you find files for the boards you want.

Honestly, depending on what I’m looking for, I also make use of XinZhiZao, which is cheaper, has a wider selection, it has some stuff I can’t find literally anywhere else. Plus schematics are all integrated. Both are hosted in China. And may make your antivirus real unhappy (unclear as to whether that’s actually because they’re doing something shady, or the AV is just mad because they keep phoning home to China and it thinks that’s suspicious).

The iPadRehab shop is fabulous though. They’re only about an hour and a half drive from me, so I usually get stuff next day when they ship out. And I know they really only list stuff that’s worth listing so it saves me the hassle of having to research all of that.


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